Footballgolf is now closed for the season of 2023.

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About Fonagergaard

About Fonagergaard

Eva and Flemming Madsen are the proud owners of Fonagergaard. The couple and their three children have been living on the premises and farming it since 1991. In 2010, the couple decided to establish Sørvad Football golf, and since that day, more initiatives, activities and facilities have found its way to Fonagergaard. What started as a place to just play football golf, has developed to a wonderful place filled with fun, good times and multiple activities, which also explains the change of name from Sørvad Football golf to Fonagergaard. 

Since many guests have requested the option of renting banquet and kitchen facilities and tableware, in the autumn of 2018 Eva and Flemming made a major decision. The couple decided to take the chance and expand the premises. Now, guests have the opportunity of enjoying the many outdoor activities, as well as renting facilities for formal as well as casual parties, events and gatherings throughout the year.

“It means such a great deal to us to be living in these beautiful and rural surroundings. It makes us very happy that we are able to share our place with others. Our hope is that our premises can be used as a meeting place for friends, family and co-workers who wish to spend some social time together. We have created the surroundings for a nice day out, and now its up to you to fill it out.”

Best wishes

Eva and Flemming